There were two Frank and Mary Bradley families in St. Louis Park in its early days.  This page is about Frank L. Bradley, the Civil War Veteran.  The other Bradley family owned the Park’s first school bus service and Suburban Sanitary Drayage/Transfer. 

Frank L. Bradley was born in 1845 in Wisconsin.  George Seirup recalled seeing the 1914 parade as it came down Chestnut (35th) Avenue, led by old Captain Bradley in his Civil War uniform.

Mary E. Bradley was born in 1945 in Ohio. 

Frank and Mary’s son Charles J. Bradley – and Charles’s wife Alice – were born in 1884.  A Captain C.J. Bradley was the director of the Monitor Drill concert band in 1914.

In 1930 the family lived at 6226 W. 35th Street.  That home no longer exists.