On the original plat of St. Louis Park Centre, Brunswick Ave. was called Maine Street.  This page concerns only the homes on Brunswick Ave. that are in the Elmwood/Center neighborhood.  Some of our City’s oldest homes are on this street.  Only those built before 1939 are listed below, along with information gleaned from the 1930 Census (the first one with street addresses) and 1933 directory (the first one published).  Addresses were changed and the trick is to match up the information from the ’30s to the houses.  Here is the raw data:

3501 Brunswick:  In the 1959 Echowan, this was the address given for the Park Bus Co.  A 1960 photo shows that the Minnesota Body and Equipment Company was also located here.

3550 Brunswick:  Approximate location of the Park/Hinkle’s Hotel.  Later Culligan Soft Water (1956), and from 1976-82, Pic-a-Pop.  Now known as 6363 Highway 7, built in 1978.

36th and Brunswick:  This vague location was given in the 1930 Census for Louis and George Vlavianos, two immigrants from Greece.  Also listed here was Frank Ross, a still cleaner for the Creosote plant.

3672 Brunswick:  See 3750 below.

3674 Brunswick:  Not an address today.   In 1933 this was listed as the address of William J. Hill and school janitor C.L. Dickinson.

3678 Brunswick:  Not an address.  In 1930, the home of Augusta Dixon.

3680 Brunswick:  Renumbered as 3764 Brunswick.

3679 Brunswick:  Not an address.  In 1933, home of C. Swanson.

3690 Brunswick:  See 3770.

3700 Brunswick:  This house was built in 1895.  An alternate address is 6101 W. 37th Street.  In the 1933 directory there are numerous unrelated people listed merely at 37th and Brunswick.  This house does not appear to be large enough to be a boarding house.

3706/08 Brunswick:  This duplex was built in 1895.  It was the home of Frank Bye.

3713 Brunswick:  John Glassing had this address in 1933 but it is not an address today.

3719 Brunswick:  The 1933 listing for Monroe Brown, but not an address today.

3721 Brunswick:  No such address.

3750 Brunswick:  Built in 1918, this was the home of John “Windy” Werner.

3754 Brunswick:  Built in 1909.

3758 Brunswick:  Built in 1906.

3759 Brunswick:  Built in 1920.

3764 Brunswick:  Follow the link for pictures and resident information.

3770 Brunswick:  Built in 1924 [1921] by the same builder of 3764.  It was the home of Axel A. Lindquist.  Marie Hartmann remembered that his garage housed the one school bus from the ’20s.  Probably renumbered from 3690.

3800 Brunswick:  Built in 1926.

3813 Brunswick:  Built in 1890.

3814 Brunswick:  Built in 1914.

3821 Brunswick:  Built in 1890.