Gorham Ave. is located in the industrial area of St. Louis Park.  Its original name was St. Louis Ave. E. before the names of the village’s streets were changed in 1933.  The new name was undoubtedly named after Lewis R. Gorham, a schoolmate of T.B. Walker who was hired to buy and take options on farmland in St. Louis Park in order to have it replatted into Walker’s dream industrial city.  Gorham’s name comes up as the manager of the Walker Building when the Commercial Club minutes of July 1917 indicates that Mr. Gorham refused to put in heat or toilets in the upstairs of the building.

Some of the buildings on Gorham include:

3230 Gorham: 1955

3250 Gorham:  1966

3260 Gorham:  1962

3261 Gorham:  Freedom Park/Paul Frank Field, built in 1964.

3270 Gorham:  1954

3280 Gorham: 1954

3300 Gorham:  1959

3308 Gorham:  In 1964 this was the home of Dyna-Mation, Inc., which manufactured and distributed machine tool accessories.  Douglas M. Skoglund was the president, and there were 14 employees.  Since this is not an official address today, it had to be either 3300 or 3212-16 Gorham.  In 1996 it was the home of Innovative Graphics, which did Screenprinting and Embroidery.

3312-16 Gorham:  1957

3326 Gorham:  1954

3339 Gorham:  This was a 1-1/2 story house that was removed in 1962.

3340 Gorham:  1958

3350-56-60 Gorham:  1925 

3343-61 Gorham:  1957

3381 Gorham:  1958