These pages are about buildings only.  See Cars and Roads for information about the actual streets and highways.


27th Street Buildings (Industrial)


35th Street Buildings


36th Street Buildings


37th Street – Elmwood


Alabama Ave. – Elmwood


Brookside Ave. Buildings


Brownlow Ave.


Brunswick – Elmwood


Cambridge Street


Cedar Lake Road Buildings


Colorado Ave. – Elmwood


Dakota Ave. – Commercial


Dakota Ave. – Elmwood


Edgewood Ave. (Skunk Hollow)


Excelsior Boulevard Buildings


Goodrich Ave.


Gorham Ave.


Highway 7 Buildings


Highway 12/Wayzata Blvd. Buildings


Highway 100/Vernon Avenue Buildings


Highway 100/Wooddale Ave. Buildings


Lake Street Buildings


Library Lane Commercial Buildings


Louisiana Ave./Circle


Mackey Ave.


Meadowbrook Road


Minnetonka Boulevard Buildings


Monitor Street


Oxford Street


Raleigh Ave. (Beltline Industrial Park Only)


Republic Ave.


Utica Ave. (south of Excelsior Blvd.)


Vernon Ave. Buildings


Walker Street Buildings


Wayzata Blvd. Buildings.


Wooddale Avenue Buildings


Wooddale and Highway 100 Buildings


Alcoa Aluminum House – 8000 Westwood Hills Drive


Brick Block – Walker and Hamilton Buildings


Cobble Crest


The Dewey House


3000 France Ave.


Hamilton Building


Hotels and Boarding Houses


The McBee Building


6200 Meadowbrook Blvd.


Meadowbrook Manor


Monitor Houses


Olfelt/Frank Lloyd Wright House


Park Shores


Shelard Park


Skunk Hollow


Tucker’s Tree House


WWII Veterans’ Housing


Walker Building


Walker Houses


The Westling House


4130 Yosemite: House of Two Mayors




Building Boom of the Late 1930s


Postwar Building Boom


Park’s Oldest Buildings


Our Century Home Plaque Program