5624 Lake Street is a private home built in 1912 by the Holasek family.  Somewhere between 1925 and 1928 it was sold to the Allen family, who owned the Pastime Arena next door.  At the time, the address of the house was 5626.  The Allens sold it to the Eaton family in 1939 when Arthur Eaton took over the Pastime Arena. 

Behind the house were the horse barns built for the Pastime Arena. 


In about 1959 or ’60 the property was purchased by the Younger family.  Today the horse barns house a business called the J.C. Younger Co., which makes, rents, and sells industrial packaged chillers. 

Although the house bears the address 5624 and the business 5626, these two properties are listed together as 5624 Lake St. by the City.