Alfred E. Melbourne and wife Mildred H. Hobe moved to St. Louis Park in 1925, and lived at 4360 Vernon, a house built in 1908. Alfred worked for St. Mary’s Woolen Manufacturing. He died in 1934.

Mildred was from Duluth. Her mother, Mrs. T.O. Hobe, lived at the house between 1939 and 1942.

Alfred and Mildred’s son Alfred Hobe Melbourne was born in 1920. In his youth he went by the name Hobe (Ho-bee). He served in the Navy during World War II.

Mrs. Melbourne acted as Village Treasurer starting in 1938. In December 1955, she suffered a heart attack, and allegedly used water bill money to pay the hospital until she could get home and get at her own money. She was dismissed for carelessness. On February 16, 1956, in announcing her death after a second heart attack, the Dispatch had a big story with the headline “Funds Mishandled by Treasurer of the City of St. Louis Park.” The article went into much detail, saying she “mishandled” $1200 in city funds. The paper also stated that there was no intent to defraud and that all the money was recovered. The following week, many of her supporters wrote letters to the editor strenuously objecting to the coverage of the story and impugning Mrs. Melbourne’s reputation. The editor printed those letters on the front page and stated that he regretted the wording of the headline.

The letters pointed out that Mrs. Melbourne had been a member of the Minnesota League of Municipalities, the Brookside Garden Club, Aldersgate Methodist Church, the Community Chest, and the Welfare League.