Warren Martin Stellmacher

Warren Martin was a locally well known WTCN, later KARE11, broadcasting announcer.  He is known to have lived at 4103 Cedar Lake Ave prior to 1985 because our members Mark and Katrina McHenry  purchased his house in that year and provided us this connection to the local legend.   The McHenry’s shared with us that “when shown the house by the realtor, I couldn’t figure out why there were so many mirrors, and why the middle upstairs bedroom had nothing but racks of mens’ clothes.  Of course it made sense once the identity of the seller was known.  Upon final inspection, we had the opportunity to meet him and his second wife.  Just a veery warm, down-to-earth, genial man.”

Warren died in 2002 and the following is from his obituary which ran in the Pioneer Press from April 10-11, 2002:

Stellmacher – Warrne Martin, died peacefully at home April 7, 2002.  Warren was born in Eyota, MN April 26, 1931 to Harold and Emma Stellmacher….He joined KROC-TV in Rochester, MN in 1956 and worked there as an announcer before accepting a position at WH10-TV in Dayton OH as staff acnnouncer.  He worked there for seven years and moved back to MN to work for WTCN-TV in Minneapolis in 1965.  Warren worked for WTCN, WUSA, and KARE11 for a total of 37 years.  He worked in many capacities in television including announcer, talk show host and producer.  His shows ranged from “Dialing for Dollars” to “What’s New?”.