Back in 1947 this piece of land was temporarily used as a used car lot owned by Brad W. Jones, Donald Heyda, and Milton D. Meissner.

In 1948 a Clark Oil gas station was built – there was a Homer Dickenson involved. In 1950 the station was run by R.W. Farnsworth.

In 1965 the old station was wrecked and a new station built for $12,000. From 1965 to 1981 it operated as Jerry’s Clark Station.


Checking the oil of this 1964 Plymouth Barracuda takes two guys!  Photo from 1965 Echowan courtesy Al Hartman




Jerry’s Clark Station, circa 1966

The station was located between Bunnys and Park Terrace.  In 1981 Jack Gold of the Classic Car Café (formerly Park Terrace) purchased the lot, removed the station, and turned the land into a parking lot for Classic.

In 2004 the land became part of the Excelsior and Grand complex.