5805-07-09 EXCELSIOR BLVD.


As early as 1929, Janus Henderson built a store at 5807 Excelsior for $300.

In 1930 it was owned by William H. Clawson, et al. In 1931 it became a commercial garage, owned by P.C. Boyers.

In 1933 it was known as Johnson’s Garage.

From 1938-42, Axel Laursen owned Brookside Auto Service.

In March 1944, it became Hedtke Auto Repair, owned by Herb Hedtke.  The shop specialized in bodywork and painting, as Hedtke had 15 years experience at the St. Anthony Motor Co.

Gravely Midwest owned the building in 1947, and the last occupant was the Lift Truck Service Garage, operating from 1952-54.

The building was demolished in 1955

In 1955 a row of storefronts was built on the site, bearing the addresses 5805, 5807, and 5809. The building was built by Holt Construction for $8,000. The front was remodeled in 1956. Tenants included:


Andrews Investment Co.: 1964

Brent’s Signs: 1999.

Dox-Andisar Vending Machines: 1960.

Form 1040 Inc.: 1969.

Fun Wash had its Grand Opening on June 18 & 18, 1960 at 5809. Owner Robert Hayes split the profits earned on Wednesdays and Thursdays with the local Lions Club.

Walter Hochstein: 1982 to 1990.

J. Arnold Johnson, Inc.: 1964

Laborent, Inc., a temporary secretarial service owned by Robert G. Hayes and June Hayes, occupied 5807 from June of 1960 to about 1965. The company had operated in Chicago for 12 years.

Minnesota Stainless Steel Kitchenware: 1955

Offset Printing, Inc.: 1960 to at least 1964. The company was owned by Vernon H. Harges of 4140 Xenwood. The business began in December 1958 in Harges’s home, and he went into business for himself on October 1, 1959.

Patchin Appraisals: 1956-1975

Dr. Roger Schultz: 1976

The South Film Library occupied the building in 1980.

State Farm Insurance – Curt Sonnenfeld: 1964-65

Twin City Lindsay, 1957-1960

Westdale Co.: 1964

Wheaton-Thomas Investment Co./Brookside Builders: 1960