Looking to replace that lost Echowan, or just want to have a copy of a certain year?  In partnership with the High School Media Center, the Historical Society has cleared out our collection and are raising funds by selling extra copies that we have collected over the years.  We are keeping one copy in storage and an additional copy for public viewing at our office, so these are additional copies for which we no longer have a good use or storage space.

Some of the books belonged to Park alumni; these books at some point were donated to the High School or the Historical Society to use as we saw fit.  If the book is for sale, it simply means we have a couple of  extras in better condition.

THE CAUSE:  Funds raised from the Echowan sale will be used for our General Fund:  rent, office supplies, preservation of artifacts, etc.  The Society has no paid staff, and all income comes from fundraisers and membership dues.

Please contact us at for purchases or questions.