Lucy Rose Fischer is an award-winning Minnesota artist, author, and researcher who has lived in St. Louis Park’s Lake Forest neighborhood since 1975. Her most recent book, I’m New at Being Old, is a colorful picture book about the experience of aging.

She had a distinguished 25-year career in the field of aging and was honored as a Fellow of the Gerontological Society of America for “outstanding achievement and exemplary contributions to the field of aging.” When she was nearly 60, she asked herself “How old do I have to be to follow my dream” and then she began her second career as artist.  Around that time, she developed her own technique for creating vibrant wp-content/uploads/2015/04 on glass—painting upside down, inside out and backwards on hand-blown glass bowls and vases. Her art has been shown in over 50 exhibits and is on permanent display in public institutions and private collections  She and her art are featured on the Twin Cities Public Television documentaries The Creative Power of Aging (2008) and Life Changing Art (2010).