27th Street

A semi-hidden industrial area of town lies at the intersection of Louisiana Ave. and 27th Street.  In 1964 the block west of Louisiana was owned by the Landers-Norblom Christenson Co., which was a sand and gravel company.  In the 1960s the land was sold off and industrial buildings were built.  The following information came from tax records, and the black and white photos came from tax assessor files.

7203 West 27th Street:  This building is currently the U.S. Post Office; it was purchased by Weikle Properties in 2000.  It is also known as 2700 Louisiana Ave.  It was built in 1965.

7203 W. 27th Street, 2010

7204 West 27th Street:  When this building was built in 1971 it was owned by MG and Jane Z. Astleford.  In 1968 it was owned by the J.L. Shieley Co.

7204 W. 27th Street, 2010

7217 West 27th Street was built in 1965.  In 1971 (photo below) it was occupied by Precise Products Corporation.  A description of Precise Products at that time was:

Manufacturing components for the electronics field and for customer-designed instruments, Precise Products Corporation has achieved a wide reputation in handling diverse precision-machining needs.  The newest automatic and N/C equipment available and a carefully trained crew of 40 machinists enable this firm to turn out more precise work more efficiently at a faster rate and lower cost to you.

This building was purchase by Stag Capital Partners since 1988.

7217 W. 27th Street, 2010

7300 West 27th Street:  This building was built by the National Biscuit Co. (Nabisco) in 1968.  A 1971 description said it supplied cookies and crackers to grocery stores throughout Minnesota; Phillip V. Groff, manager.


In 2000 the building was purchased by Flextech, Inc.


7309 West 27th Street:  This building dates to 1964 and was most likely built for McCourtney Plastics, Inc.  It was purchased by Stag Capital Partners in 2005, although McCourtney is still listed at this address.


7309 W. 27th Street, 2010

7400 West 27th Street:  This building has housed NAPA Genuine Auto Parts since it was built in 1968.

7400 W. 27th Street, 2010

7430 West 27th Street:  When built in 1970, this building was owned by the R.L. Johnson Investment Co.  In 1973 it was the home of the Sidley Co.  Since 1984 it has belonged to the Weinberg Brothers.

7430 W. 27th Street, 1973

7430 W. 27th Street, 2010

7500/7506 West 27th Street:  Built in 1968, in 1971-73 this building was the home of Master Addresser, which manufactured office equipment, addressing and duplicating machines.  In 1971, A.J. Wright was president.  The building likely has been owned by the Smith family since it was built.

7500 W. 27th Street, 1973

7500 W. 27th Street, 2010

7501 West 27th Street: When built in 1970, this building was owned by the R.L. Johnson Investment Co.  In 1984 it belonged to the Weinberg Brothers/SLP Investment Co.

7600 West 27th Street:  This building, located behind 27 West, belongs to the Smith Family.
It was built in 1993.