Board Application

Each year in September at least three of our 12 Board seats open up, so we are always interested in recruiting new members interested in volunteering their time on our Board.  There may also be vacancies on the Board that can be filled during the year.  The following gives you a sense for what Board membership entails, (details can be found in our bylaws) but contact us at to learn more and see if this might be a good opportunity for you.

Board Description:

There are 4 officer positions and 9 Trustee positions.  Officers have pre-determined roles in the organization, whereas a Trustee may take on various roles as needed.  Each term is for three years starting in September.  Vacancies may be filled at any time.

Officer roles:

President: Sets the agenda and presides over all board meetings while being an active volunteer for the Society.

Vice President: Provides as back up for the President, and also is in charge of Membership recruitment.

Secretary: Keeps minutes of all meetings, provides an annual report to the Minnesota Historical Society.

Treasurer: Manages all aspects of revenue and expenditures and provides a monthly financial report to the Board.

Trustee role:

Trustees are expected to be active volunteers with the Society, attend Board meetings, and make an effort to attend public programs.

Process to Apply:

  • Please submit this application, a resume and cover letter that includes the following information:
    • What do you understand to be the needs and goals of the Society? (near term and long term)
    • How do you believe you are able to help us meet these goals?
    • What is your connection with St. Louis Park (years of residency, family, place of work).  Current residency is not required.
  • Expect a brief discussion with at least two of our Board members
  • You will be notified if you are being put forth for nomination at a Board meeting, which you would be expected to attend.

Send your application, resume and cover letter to:

St. Louis Park Historical Society

3700 Monterey Drive

St. Louis Park MN 55416

You may also email these documents to

For more information, please reach out to us at (612) 465-9288 or