Gifts in Honor and Remembrance

The St. Louis Park Historical Society has received gifts in honor or remembrance for the following:


In memory of Phyllis McQuaid, former school board member, mayor, state senator and loving wife, mother and grandmother from:

Nancy and Rich Cyr
Dale Fine
Carol Haff
Jane Pratt Hagstrom
Linda Haight
Joanne (McQuaid) Hinderaker
Douglas Hogdon
Janice and Larry Hoopman
Bridget Kienenberger
June Knighton
Linda Koch
Kay and Jim Miller
Susan and Tom Nelson
Diane Steen Hinderline and John Olson
Wendell Maddox, ION Corporation
Nancy A. Thomas
Elizabeth Trach




In honor of her uncle and current SLPHS Trustee, James Robbins, from his niece Ms. Jenny Hanson.

In memory of David M Litsey, distinguished educator of English and writing at St. Louis Park High School, from Ms. Shelley Hendrickson.


In memory of Albert Yngve, one of the many Yngves who have contributed to our city’s history as documented on our website, from:

Kenneth Benson
Daniel M. LaFontaine
Dr. Thayer E. Porter and Dorothy Lou Porter
Mike Reynolds
Joan L. Ronbeck and Roberta Jo Ronbeck
Alan J. and Rose Stans
Matt and Joan Yager
Hal and Ellie Yngve
Golden Valley Golf and Country Club

In memory of Patricia Robbins, SLPHS class of 1965, who passed away on July 2nd 2021 was a Registered Nurse, serving six years in the army as a captain and 39 years in the Twin cities area.  From her loving husband, James Robbins.

In memory of Julie Renner, longtime SLPHS member, from Nancy Christiansen.

In memory of Caroline Motzko Gabor, from Nancy Thomas

In memory of Betty Jo Crews, from Kenneth Crews

In honor or Tom Harmening, retiring SLP City Manager, from Diane Steen-Hinderlie.



In memory of their parents, Lewis and Earlene Brown, and grandparents Earl and Olga Ainsworth from “The Brown Girls”, Beverly and Mary Lou.