Thank you for thinking about volunteering with the St. Louis Park Historical Society!  There are many ways you can volunteer your time with us – some are fun, some are challenging, and some are mundane, but they all make up the elements of a successful organization.  Below are some ideas, but we want to match our needs with your skills and interests.  Please contact us at slphistory@gmail.com if you would like to talk to us about what you would like to do.


  • Each September a new set of Board seats opens up, so we are always looking for people interested in volunteering their time in this way.
  • Read more about the Board membership process.

EVENT SUPPORT – Volunteers are often needed at programming or fundraising events.  This could include helping to set up or sitting at our table answering basic questions about the Society and interacting with the community.


  • Assist visitors with their questions
  • Help people find research resources
  • Hang out and talk about SLP History




  • Office Manager: There are various tasks throughout the year where we need administrative help. These include
    • Order and replace ink in printer when necessary
    • Re-order envelopes as necessary
    • Make sure garbage and recycling are taken out
    • Make name tags for board members and volunteers
    • Order business cards for board members
  • Volunteer Coordinator: Help us find volunteers for activities, and find activities for interested volunteers.  This person might attend board meetings to hear of ideas and reach out to members and friends to see if there is interest.
  • Membership Chair:  This person would process membership forms by entering them into our PastPerfect database. (Training is provided.)  There is a significant backlog of data entry, and then periodic data entry as forms come in.  PastPerfect will generate thank you letters that will need to be mailed.  Membership numbers are reported to the Board each month, and membership reports are run each time a Re-Echo is ready for mailing and before the Annual Meeting.
  • Correspondence Secretary: Monitor webmail and U.S. mail and answer/refer questions.
  • Filing:  File documents in drawers and photos in appropriate albums.
  • IT Manager
    • Maintain reliable wi-fi and phone service
    • Put shared documents on cloud/google docs


Street Sign Sales:

  • Check email for orders
  • Determine if desired sign is available
  • Wrap sign for pickup or shipping
  • Bring to office if being picked up
  • Ship when paid for, as appropriate
  • Update inventory and send to Ted for posting
  • Give payments to Treasurer
  • Send reminders to buyers who haven’t paid/picked up
  • Update Google spreadsheet to record order/sale
  • Write thank you letter

Echowan Sales:

  • Check email for orders (through eBay)
  • When paid for, print label and ship
  • Coordinate with Emory to make sure every year is posted on eBay
  • Update spreadsheet to record sale


Program/Fundraiser Developer: This can be a one-time opportunity to develop a new event – we have many thought starters for programs, or you can bring your own idea to life.  This could be creating an original presentation, developing a walking tour, or partnering with another organization on an interesting idea.  Our focus is education with an emphasis on fundraising for the acquisition of a St. Louis Park History Center.

Programming/Fundraising Manager: This person would solicit ideas for programs and fundraisers and make sure they are appropriately scheduled.  For events in development, they would coordinate the details that make an event a success, including:

  • Having the right space reserved
  • Acquiring any supplies needed
  • Ensuring that programs are appropriately advertised
  • Recruiting volunteers to work at the event

Youth Program Developer: We would like to have programs offered to students or recent graduates.  Costs to develop these kinds of programs may be available through grant money.  These programs could include:

  • Presentations of Park History for young audiences
  • Research projects for teachers to use
  • Field trip ideas
  • In depth archival or research projects for high school or college students


  • Bring a PowerPoint presentation about the history of SLP to organizations or other groups.
  • Solicit honoraria or grants.


Collections Intake: Write thank-you letters and execute Gift Agreements with donors of artifacts to our collection.

Artifact Inventory:  Go through backlog of executed Gift Agreements and log them into our database.  Log new donations of artifacts into the database as they arise.

Artifact Preservation

  • Review artwork in the Depot
  • Determine which pieces need preservation
  • Get estimate of cost of restoration
  • Apply for Legacy grant to have them restored



  • Pick a topic: person, business, family, etc.
  • Conduct Oral Interviews
    • Identify people with stories about SLP to interview
    • Conduct a pre-interview with subject
    • Read newspaper accounts or other resources
    • Collect, borrow to scan, or take photos to accompany story
    • Coordinate with Park TV to record interview
    • Conduct interview
  • Assist residents with research when completing applications for plaques under our Century House Program.

Writing:  Conduct research as above and produce a page for our website, newsletter article, video, or other finished product.

City South Magazine:  Provide periodic photos and accompanying stories to City South (formerly St. Louis Park) Magazine.


Exhibit Manager:  Identify places around the city where we might display some of our artifacts, give information about the Society, and provide some city history.

Exhibit Designer: Work with the Exhibit Manager to design an exhibit that can be displayed in different areas of the city.  This might include some original research, or simply using existing research to write the display copy, gathering a few artifacts from our collection or elsewhere, and putting together the display.


Republish our Book: Our only publication, Something in the Water is in need of re-editing and republishing.

New Book Project:  Something in the Water is a collection of memoirs by people who grew up in St. Louis Park in the 1930s.  We would love to see a book about the post war period developed.  This would be a substantial project and could be eligible for grant funding.

Picture Book: A common book project for historical societies is to work with Arcadia Publishing to create a brief history mostly told through pictures.