Camille “Cam” Andre was the city’s second City Manager, taking over from Tom Chenoweth on July 15, 1960.  He served until June 1968.  This was a time of tremendous growth in the City, and the most pressing issue was the infrastructure:  water, sewer, storm sewers, etc.  During that time, the City built a new City Hall and two fire stations without bond issues.

After his work for St. Louis Park, Andre held similar jobs in Kasas City, Mo. and the City of Minneapolis, and worked for the Metropolitan Transit Commission for 10 years.  To fill a vacancy, Andre was appointed Mayor from  June 1976 to January 10, 1977.

Andre, a native of Long Prairie, Minn., graduated from Marshall High in Minneapolis in 1934. He took a BS in Political Science from the University of Minnesota in 1938, and attended one year of graduate school before serving in World War II. Prior to coming to St. Louis Park, he was the City Manager of Oak Lawn, Illinois from 1953 to 1960. He and his wife had five children: Louise, Jeanne, Suzanne, Paul, and Maureen.

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