The following is a list of businesses operating in the Park in 1929, taken from the March 1929 R.G. Dunn Mercantile Agency Reference Book. Unfortunately, the addresses of these businesses are not listed.

Charles Anderson – Garage
Louis Berkovitz – Grocery
Frank E. Bronsdon – Grocery
Lewis L. (Doc) Brown – Billiards
R.H. Downing – Mfr. Dental Supplies
L.A. Engell and Sons – Dairy
John Freeland – Grocery
Mrs. Tracy Fuehrer – Grocery
Charles H. Hamilton – General Store
Emil J. Johnson – Cement Blocks
J. Carl Johnson – Garage
Julius Johnson – Garage
Joseph Lanns – Confectionary
Norman M. Moldestad – Grocery
Moline Implement Co.
Holger J. Nelson – Garage
F. Foster Newton – Grocery
Christ Peterson – Grocery
John A. Peterson and Son – Concrete Blocks
Pockrandt Lumber Co.
Carl Reiss – Grocery
Max Renner – Well Co.
Republic Creosoting Co.
Emil Rey – Grocery and Meat
Rice – Sand and Gravel Co.
Conrad N. Ruedlinger – Florist
John K. Seirup – Cement Block Const.
Swensen & Redeen – Meat
Dana M. Thompson – Grocery
Oscar C. Vocks – Plumbing and Heating
Henry E. Woerner Plumbing and Heating