The city says this building was built in1958, but by all accounts it was built in 1949 by Dentist Irving Posnick, who practiced here until 1991.  Posnick was born on September 13, 1923 and died on December 24, 2010 in Boynton Beach, Florida.  His son Steven began practicing with him in 1976. 





Park Drug opened in the building on June 1, 1949 (Grand Opening on June 22).  The proprietor was Myron “Mike” Zoss, who had previously managed a store in St. Paul.  He was from Ohio.  At the opening there was ice cream for the kiddies, gardenias for the ladies and cigars for the men.  The “new and modern” drug store was completely air conditioned.  Zoss soon moved to Texa-Tonka, opening there on November 29, 1951.  In November 1956 Park Drug advertised in the Echo “We Carry All Elvis Presley Records.” In August 1971 the manager was R.K. Lockner, who expressed to the Echo that he was against open lunch at the high school, citing too much littering and hanging around.




In the ’60s Dr. Irving Posnick opened the Aqualand Pool Supply Company in the same building.

Your Total Look Beauty Salon was/is owned by Geri Jacques and was around in 2011. 


Tan-Tique Tanning Studio was at 3410 Dakota in 1988-89.