The Evanoff Gardens, owned by Dimiter and Wanda Evanoff, were located at 5445 Wayzata Blvd., “across from McCarthy’s Cafe.” It was there as early as 1934 and probably earlier.  A 1940 ad says it’s “The eighty foot white and red stand, conveniently located on the south side of Wayzata Blvd., on the west end of the Cloverleaf a half mile from the Minneapolis city limits. Lots of room to park.” They advertised cut flowers, spring plants, perennials, honey, fruits, and vegetables. Part of the Gamble-Skogmo complex was on Evanoff land.  It, and land owned by the Held family, now make up the West End.

1939 ad


                             1949 ad




The photo below, courtesy Hennepin County Library Special Collections, is of a fireworks stand located on Wayzata Blvd. in St. Louis Park, one mile west of Minneapolis.  It was taken on July 3, 1941, the last year that explosive fireworks sales were legal in Minnesota.  It appears that the stand normally sold flowers.  Although the Evanoff site is described above as 1/2 mile west of the Minneapolis border, one mile west would put this at Hampshire Ave., and the only thing there was a rock quarry.