William Fredrick “Will” and Nancy Iris Smith Friegang rented what had been the parsonage of Park’s original church, which had been moved to 37th and Alabama. The large house had four bedrooms upstairs and a fancy stairway, according to one former resident. With it came a large parcel of land stretching south along Wooddale from Excelsior, where they had a truck farm and raised bees. There was also a carriage house. The Friegang’s address was listed as 3929 Wooddale in the 1933 phone book.

Ferris Keyt remembers, “The Friegang boys were older than I and had constructed an extensive series of tunnels and my mother did her best to keep me out of.” The family had lived in Montana and moved to Minnesota shortly after the youngest child, Clarence, was born in 1919.
In 1939, when Will died, the family was living in Minnetonka Mills.

The Friegang children were: (not in order)

Nancy was born on September 5, 1882. She moved to 5900 Goodrich (upstairs) in 1942. She lived in California for awhile, and also with her son Clarence and his wife Elaine in Edina for a number of years. She retired to the Odd Fellows Home in Northfield, and died there in June 1970.

Carroll was born on February 2, 1913.  He married Marguerite.  He died in January 1975 in Minneapolis.

Clifford was born on May 21, 1915.  He moved to California and died in August 1983.

Will was listed in the 1933 phone book as a structural iron worker. He died in 1939.

Fred was killed in World War II.

Julia Friegang Stimpson lived in California and died in the early 1990’s.

Edward died at age 14 in Minnesota.
Clarence, the youngest, was born on January 18, 1919 in Montana.  He died in March 1963.