3501 HIGHWAY 100 SO.

The Westinghouse Electric Corp. Lamp Division (distribution center for light bulbs) was the first tenant of the Belt Line Industrial Park in 1954.


In 1961, the District Manager’s name, appropriately enough, was Watt Welker.  In June 1961 a $400,000, 45,000 sq. ft. addition was built, brining the floor space to 75,000 sq. ft.  Westinghouse soon after moved its Appliance, Elevator, and Corporate divisions to the area and expanded facilities.


In 1964 the manager of the center was Charles Doyle, and there were 100 employees.  R.C. McClintock replaced Watt Welker (who retired) as district lamp manager.


In 1970 the location had 100 employees and the corporate representative was George A. Corcoral.

The following photos are courtesy of the Minnesota Historical Society:

1961 Photo courtesy Minnesota Historical Society


1964 Photo Courtesy Minnesota Historical Society
1967 Photo Courtesy Minnesota Historical Society



Early 1970s