This was a building that was razed for McDonald’s parking lot.  The building and/or some of the businesses were owned by Samuel “Sammy” Okrent and his wife.  The Okrents were concentration camp survivors and taught students about the Holocaust by showing them the numbers tatooed on their wrists. 

6300 Lake Street (the east side) was traditionally a store:

Min-it Market  – 1960-70

The Slipt Disk – Grand Opening June 1972.  Records, Hobbies and Crafts, Incense, Tapestries, Patches, and Imports.  In other words, a Head Shop.


November 1973:  Midwest Shoppers – Stereos (former Slipt Disc)

6304 Lake Street was traditionally a photography studio.  The dates below are gleaned from ads in the St. Louis Park High Echo.

Beaux Arts Studio – April 1955

Milton J. Blumenfeld Studios, Bill Pletsch, Manager – 1956

Scherling Studios – November 1957

Scherling Pletsch – February 1960

William Shragg – 1960 ((former) owner of Beaux Arts Studio, 6500 Lake Street)

Scherling Studios – 1961

This picture was taken in 1955, before McDonald’s was built.