This is the site of the M.L. Gordon Sash and Door Company, founded in 1947.  Cardinal Insulated Glass Co. at 7115 W. Lake St. was a subsidiary of Gordon. 

Here are some hints about the site from City records.  These are not stated as fact and may have been misinterpreted.  Corrections are welcome.

1950:  J.C. Peterson owned several parcels of land
1956:  Land owned by Nathan Gottstein

1959:  Original building built for $125,000
1962:  M.L. Gordon advertised in the Echowan

1963:  Addition built for $40,000 – 10,000 sq. ft.
1964:  2 radio towers erected.  75 employees
1967:  Warehouse added


1971:  Mrs. M.L. Gordon, president; Otto Trettel, secretary; Leo H. Gelhar, treasurer; Stanley Tilly, vice president (80 employees) as reported in a Sun business supplement.



1995:  Cronstrom’s Heating and Air Conditioning

2003:  Purchased for $2.85 million by the Rotenberg Co.