William Marty Martin (sometimes erroneously shown as William N. Martin) served as Mayor (President of the Village Council) from 1939 to 1943.  From 1929 to about 1949 he lived at 4130 Yosemite Ave., later the home of another Park Mayor, Phyllis McQuaid.  His younger brother, Edwin F. Martin, also served as Mayor of the Park from 1931 to 1932.


William Martin was born on April 2, 1885, in Minneapolis. The 1910 Census lists the family in Minneapolis, and he moved to St. Louis Park very shortly afterwards.  He first built the house at 4140 Yosemite.  In 1929 he built the house at 4130 Yosemite and the family moved in that July.


His World War I draft registration card lists him as William Marty Martin.  Census records indicate that he and his wife Jane had the following children, with the approximate years of birth:

Katharyn G.:  December 6, 1910

Jane A.:  December 6, 1912

Nancy A.:  April 22, 1929

Paul A.:  April 22, 1929

William R.:  1920

Gordon N.:  1922


In 1910 and 1920, William was listed in the census as a bookkeeper at a lumber company.  In 1930 he was a manager of some undetermined business.


The 1933 directory shows that William M. worked for the F.H. Pfunder Co., Inc., which made Pfunder’s stomach tablets. Daughter Jane was a “steno” at the same company. Daughter Kathryn was listed as clerical.


In 1938 William M. was first listed as a doctor.  Specifically, he was a chiropractor.


In 1942 son William R. was in the Navy Air Corps. William M. was specifically identified as “Mayor of St. Louis Park” in the book. He was mayor (technically President of the Village Council) from 1939 to 1943.


In 1945 son Gordon N. was in the Army Air Force. He’s also listed that way in 1947, but with a wife, Helen. Son William R. was in the Air Fleet Navy. William M. was listed as retired.


In 1949 Nancy Martin worked at Red Owl. Paul A. Martin worked at Marquette National Bank. William M. was listed as a chiropractor.


Paul moved to California in 1955 and married Joanne Rindahl.


The next directory we have is 1956, and no Martins are listed at the address. Son William R. (wife Jane) worked for Proctor and Gamble and lived on France Ave.


Martin died at his home in Excelsior on September 24, 1951, after a long illness at age 66.


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