McGlynn’s Bakery was started by James T. Glynn in 1919 in Minneapolis.  The company had a couple of St. Louis Park connections:


In the 1950s, banks started closing on Saturdays, and people were less inclined to go downtown for their shopping.  J.T. McGlynn got the idea to convert a bus into a bakery and drive it through the streets of St. Louis Park.  He called it the Trav’l Bake, and his son Burt was conscribed to drive it.  The idea made the news, including the Wall Street Journal, and to Burt’s relief the project did not make money and was discontinued.

In 1962, our new Knollwood Target had a grocery department run by Hy Applebaum, and Burt McGlynn opened a bakery within the store. 

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