The original building at this site was built in around 1939.

The main business here was the Milk House.  Wallace Borchert was the owner/business manager, while his brother had a farm somewhere west of the Park which supplied them with milk, chickens, etc.  The Borcharts owned the business from at least 1951.


Ad from 1942



Ad from a 1951 Park High Echo



Photo dated February 19, 1957, courtesy Minnesota Historical Society



Milk House picture from 1960


Ad from 1962

  • 1939-1941:  Harvey Hillary Motor Co. (“wrecked cars made new”)
  • 1939:  Park Electric Co.
  • 1940:  Parkview Cafe.  9/17:  New Management:  Kivisto and King.  Hamburger, 10 cents; Chow Mein, Broiled Steak Dinner, 45 cents.
  • 1944-45:  Romlin Beauty Shop (“Where Fastidious Women Go”)
  • 1952-56:  SLP Garage – under Milk House
  • 1962-1963:  Milk House Superette – Edward C. Ellsworth
  • 1966:  Milk House – Sidney Wilensky
  • 1970:  Han Dee Food Center


Photo from some time in the ’70s


1976:  The building was gifted to Christian Ministry Church
1978:  Foreclosed, demolished



In 1980 the originial building and several houses on Joppa were demolished to accommodate a new building at 4201 Minnetonka Blvd.


From 1980-87 the new building was the home of  a branch of Citizens State Bank.


As of at least 2005 this location has been a Starbucks.