The history of this site is a little unclear.  It had alternate addresses of 4217 and 4219.

1937-50:  Arthur Hartert apparently owned a house or houses on the land, age unknown. A garage was rebuilt in 1937.

1939:  Sewer was hooked up.

1948:  Hertert owned a 1-1/2 story (with porch) dwelling on the property.

1950:  Water was hooked up

1953:  A building permit listed the owner as the Francis Drake Hotel.

1956-62:  Two single family houses were on this site (probably way earlier than 1956).

1962:  The house on the corner was relocated, and the adjacent, smaller house was demolished.  Phillips Petroleum built a gas station. Builder was John A. Merz and Sons.  The station had four pumps and two bays, and there were three 6,000 gallon gas tanks.

December 1975

May 1976:  gas station was demolished, 3 tanks removed

1976:  Southland (7-11) built new building (the current building)

1980:  Building was remodeled from store to office building.

1989:  Johnson-Johnson & Edvartsen – manufacturer’s representatives

2007:  All Care Dentistry

We appreciate any corrections or additions to this information.