This was the property of M. Parry in 1893; he owned the entire tract that includes City Hall, the Garden Village Apartments on Raleigh, the Park Theater Building, Skippy Field, and Menorah Plaza.

For years this was the location of Kay Motors, owned at least in part by Sadie W. Kay.  The building was built in 1946, and that may be when the business started.  The company always took out a full page ad in the Park directory, often featuring a different make of car every time.  Here are some examples: mtka5101kay12-55

Kay Motors 1954 Panorama
1954 Panorama
5101 Minnetonka Blvd. Kay Motors 1954 01 resize


December 1955

1955 – 1960:  Kay Motors Chrysler Plymouth

The lot was removed and a new building was erected in 2000, featuring both business and residential space.


5101 Minnetonka Blvd. Kay Motors 1960 resize