This may be the storefront that was included in the gas station at 7916 Minnetonka.  Its stores were included in ads for Texa-Tonka Shopping Center.


1952:  Grossman Television


1953-59:  Evenson Paint and Wallpaper.  Grand Opening September 25-26, 1953.  This store moved across Texas to the Texa-Tonka Shopping Center, probably in 1962 when the building was razed and the current 7916 Minnetonka building was built to replace it and the gas station.


1963 – 1965:  House of Handbags (7924)


 1978:  Classic Yarn Center (7924)



2931 TEXAS


 On the Texas side was an office or two:


 Dr. Harvey Gilbert opened his dental practice at 2931 Texas Ave. at Minnetonka on March 13, 1952.


Chicken Aloha advertised at this address in 1956.


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