Howard W. Perkins served as acting Mayor of St. Louis Park in 1943.


The 1930 census finds a Howard W. Perkins living in St. Louis Park, age 32.  His wife is Ann, and children are Betty A., age 7, and Elise, age 5.  It lists his birthplace as Iowa.

There is also a Howard W. Perkins, born on February 14, 1901, who died in Hennepin County on November 29, 1964. 


Perkins was a member of the Volunteer Fire Department from 1936 to 1953.  Those records indicate that he lived at:

  • 2671 Inglewood from 1938 to 1943

  • 5826 Goodrich from 1944  to 1946

  • 5024 Minnetonka Blvd. in 1947

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