This is a little mysterious.  The St. Louis Park Sun reported the following on June 22, 1972:

FAST BUILDING- There was a time when it took nearly a year to build a warehouse containing over 10,000 square feet.  Today, using prestressed concrete panels, the time has been cut to less than six weeks for this sizeable building.  The wall panels on the structure for Reynolds Metals Company were erected in two and a half working days.  The building contained temporary steel columns that were later removed, giving the interior a smooth finish that can be painted or left in a natural state.  Doors are sawed through the panels at the job site…  The Reynolds Metals building, to be used as a warehouse for product distribution to contractors, was designed and is being constructed by Raunhorst Corporation.  Fabcon, Inc., the producer of “instant wall, floor an ceiling panels,” is located in Savage, Minn.  The Reynolds Metals site is at Cedar Lake Road and Highway 100.

The phone directory lists the Reynolds Aluminum Building Products Service Center at 5329 Cty. Rd. 16 (Cedar Lake Road) through 1985.  Where did it go?  It’s close by Highway 100, so perhaps it had to be dismantled as fast as it was built for highway construction.