The general offices and distribution center of the Salkin Linoff (S&L) department store chain moved into 7400 Excelsior Blvd. in July 1951. The company built a 125,000 sq. ft. warehouse and 20,000 sq. ft. office. The architect was Liebenburg and Kaplan of Minneapolis.

S&L was started in 1921 in a one-room shop in Elkton, SD by Russian immigrants Samuel F. Salkin and Joseph Linoff. By 1950 there were 37 stores, similar to J.C. Penney, in the Midwest. At its peak, the company bought out several chains and had 360 stores, under many names such as Peck and Peck (1976), Nina B Boutique, Morey A, Wrangler Wroost, Hurrah! and Stevenson’s (1956).

In 1990, down to 215 stores, the family-owned company filed Chapter 11 and sold 94 of its stores. It was also in trouble with the City for landfill violations. In January 1991, the last five stores were closed and the assets sold at a bankruptcy sale at the Excelsior Blvd. warehouse. A bit of high living was evidenced by the many antiques purchased to decorate stores. The company also disposed of condos and apartments in Miami, New York, and London.