An article in the Dispatch from March 7, 1947 details how “St. George’s Auxiliaryites All Available for Odd Jobs.”  It names dozens of women who offered to be baby sitters, cooks, tutors, knitters, etc. to raise money during the Lenten season for a new church.  Some of the more interesting pursuits of the women include writing jingles and verses for greeting cards, turning collars on men’s shirts, making card table covers and children’s bathmats, and selling “Dusorb, a new cleaning liquid which absorbs the dust.”

St. George’s Episcopal Church was officially organized on May 4, 1947, and incorporated on June 2. Services were first held in the band room of the High School and at the Legion Hall. The church building at 5224 Minnetonka Blvd. was damaged by fire shortly after it was constructed and had to be rebuilt. The original sanctuary was on Toledo, and faced north.  An old house was used for classrooms, where the current sanctuary now sits.  The use of the quanset hut was meant to be a permanent structure from the beginning. Reverend Roger Schmuck was the first rector of the parish. The structure was dedicated on May 4, 1960.




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