There appears to be two St. Louis Park Businesses called Suburban Electric.

1938:  Suburban Electric Shop, 5123 W. Lake Street (Minnetonka Blvd.)

1940:  Park Theater Building.  This business was owned by Earl Ainsworth.

1945:  4500 Excelsior Blvd.

1950:  Second Suburban Electric

In 1952 it moved to 6112 Excelsior.

In 1953 the company was owned by Tom Wheaton and Stan Thomas.

In 1956 it announced new ownership: Henry, John, and Ralph Mester.

A June 30, 1960, ad in the Dispatch said that the company had been serving St. Louis Park for over 10 years.

In 1964 it had a staff of 13, including 9 electricians. The company did the electrical work for the Ambassador Hotel. In 1964 the company president was John Mester.