There are many ways you can volunteer your time with us!  Below are some of the areas we need help, but we also welcome your ideas for where you think you can help.  Please contact us at slphistory@gmail.com if you would like to talk to us about your interest.


  • Each September a new set of Board seats opens up, so we are always looking for people interested in volunteering their time in this way.
  • Read more about the Board membership process.

EVENT SUPPORT – Visit this sign up page to volunteer for a time slot.  Upcoming events:

  • Deliver street signs to St. Louis Park addresses.  Sign up for a one-week commitment.


  • Office Assistant: There are various tasks throughout the year where we need administrative help.  This could include managing gift shop items, being present for office hours, or light filing.
  • Volunteer Coordinator: Help us find volunteers for activities, and find activities for interested volunteers.  This person might attend board meetings to hear of ideas and reach out to members and friends to see if there is interest.


  • Fundraising Volunteer: We plan to put forth various fundraising efforts and will need help planning, coordinating events, and managing various aspects of this main effort for the year.
  • Merchandise Program: We are looking for items to sell in our Gift Shop.  We need people who will come up with ideas, as well as determine the pricing, sourcing, and marketing.


  • Programming Manager: We have a few programs being developed but will need someone to help coordinate the details to ensure we have the right space reserved, have any supplies required, and ensuring it is appropriately advertised.  This person would also solicit future ideas, schedule and advertise the programs.
  • Program Developer: This can be a one-time opportunity to develop a new program – we have many thought starters for programs, or you can bring your own idea to life.  This could be an original presentation, a walking tour, hosting a fundraising event , or partnering with another organization on an interesting idea.
  • Youth Program Developer: We want to have more programs offered to students or recent graduates.  These programs could be presentations for young audiences, research projects for teachers to utilize, field trip ideas, or more in depth archival or research projects for high school or college students.
  • Program Volunteer: If you are looking to occasionally help out, but can’t commit the time to the planning, we are always in need of volunteers the day of an event.  This could include helping to set up or sitting at our table answering basic questions about the Society and interacting with the community.


  • Collections Assistant: Help log collection materials into our database, which is a small amount of work spread throughout the year.  Good for a regular volunteer.
  • Writer: We could use help contributing stories or editing stories of others.
  • Exhibit Manager:  We need someone to solicit ideas for exhibits, find volunteers to do Exhibit Design (below), and to schedule and publicize the exhibits.
  • Exhibit Design: Design a small exhibit to display in our office.  This would include some original research, or simply curating from existing research, writing the display copy, gathering a few artifacts from our collection or elsewhere, and curating the display.


  • Newsletter Editor:  We are looking to refresh our quarterly newsletter, The Re-Echo.  We have plenty of content, but we need someone to design a new layout, figure out the best distribution method, and coordinate the production.
  • Twitter Account Manager: We post failry regularly on Facebook, but we are looking to engage more with a broader audience using Twitter.  We need someone to refine our strategy and to post content such as fun facts about that day in history, links to our research on current topics, or people in the news.


  • Republish our Book: Our only publication, Something in the Water is in need of re-editing, and republishing in hard cover.
  • New Book Project: Something in the Water is an account of the early decades of St. Louis Park.  We would love to see a book about the post war period developed.  This would be a multi-year project and could be eligible for grant funding if anyone wants to take on the effort.
  • Picture Book: A common book project for historical societies is to work with Arcadia Publishing to create a brief history mostly told through pictures.