Daniel K. Whalen was born in Gaylord, Minnesota, on May 6, 1876.  He taught school there for three years after graduating from high school.  He then took over management of a grain elevator there until 1901, when he held the same position in Glencoe.  He went to North Dakota from 1908-1909, then returned to Glencoe.  He came to St. Louis Park in 1911, where he lived until he died.


Daniel married Elizabeth O’Donnell of Glencoe on October 14, 1902 and they had seven children:

  • Ruth (Mrs. C.W. Kohler

  • Elizabeth (Mrs. Ed Hutchinson

  • Donald D

  • Daniel M

  • William J

  • Harold E

  • Thomas (died in 1941)

In about 1911 he became the Superintendent of the Commander grain elevator.  In 1934 he said he owned a business that employed over 20 men from Park.


In 1931-34 he served as President of the St. Louis Park Board of Education and eventually served 17 years on the Board.  In 1934 he was drafted to run for President of the Village Council, but lost to James H. Brown.  He ran again in 1934, but lost to Roy O. Sewall. 


He was a charter member of Holy Family Church and a member of the Knights of Columbus in Hopkins.


In 1934 he lived at 6030 Oxford Street.  In 1944 he lived at 5705 W. 35th Street.


Daniel died on February 27, 1944, of a heart attack.



There have been many Whalens in the Park from very early years and we would love to hear from any of you; please contact us.