This property is at the confluence of Excelsior Blvd., Lynn Ave., and 38th Street.  The first building was apparently a house that was turned into a couple of interesting uses:

1945:  Norma Kadechka – combination residence and business

1949:  W.J. Horvereid requested a permit to run a drive-in Juice Bar.  Apparently there were complaints – did his plans materialize?

1951:  The name Swartzman is associated with the property.

That building was apparently removed in the 1950s.

In about 1951-54 Suburban Chevrolet ran a used car lot on this corner.  The company’s main showroom was at 1106 Excelsior Ave. (now Mainstreet) in Hopkins.  Although ads showed a large building at the Hopkins site, this lot was apparently low key; in the directory it gave instructions to dial another number if nobody answered the phone at the St. Louis Park lot.

In 1956 Leo Gross and a Mr. Kronick(s) built a building for $15,000.  From 1957 to 1970 it was G&K Cleaners.  Somehow the address was associated with a Star and Tribune warehouse in 1964 and the City of St. Louis Park in 1965.


In 1981 it became the S&D Cleaners.  It went out of business at the end of March 2013.

1996 Photo by Emory Anderson

The Honey and Rye Bakehouse opened on October 26, 2013.  The bakery gave out free chocolate chip cookies and held a cake raffle.  The bakery is the project of two friends, Anne Andrus and Emily Ackerman, who have been cooking together since their childhood. Andrus, a veteran of the Common Roots Cafe kitchen, is a graduate of the San Francisco Baking Institute. Ackerman has primarily a social media and advertising background.  More on the bakery from the Patch.