Some of the family information was extrapolated from phone directories, and may not be exactly right.

Michael Blodgett, born on January 1, 1940, is the son of optometrist Klayton Blodgett. After serving in WWII, Klayton and his wife Charlotte moved to 4061 Alabama. Charlotte is remembered for the puppet shows she staged in the basement, playing all the parts.

Michael’s grandparents were Dr. Arthur G. and Laura Blodgett. Dr. Blodgett was an optometrist and owned Blodgett Optical Co. at 1029 Nicollet in 1949. In 1956 he worked at Montgomery Ward. He built his house at 4214 Alabama in 1915.

Michael attended Brookside School and graduated from Golden Valley High School in 1953, having moved to Tyrol Hills in 6th grade.

A writer and actor, he made his way to Hollywood, where he appeared in movies starting in 1967. His jail-yard flogging in 1970’s There Was A Crooked Man ranks 67th on a list published in the book Lash! The Hundred Great Scenes of Men Being Whipped in the Movies.

Michael was also a screenwriter and a novelist. His 1982 book Hero and the Terror was made into a movie in 1988. In 1998 his book The White Raven was made into a movie starring Ron Silver and Roy Scheider.

On October 21, 1995 he married Meredith Baxter. The couple divorced in 2000.

Michael Blodgett’s Filmography includes:

The White Raven – (1998) – Writer
Run – (1991) – Writer
Turner & Hooch – (1989) – Writer
Rent-a-Cop – (1988) – Writer
Hero And the Terror – (1988) – Writer
The Ultimate Thrill – (1974) – Tom
The Carey Treatment – (1972) – Roger Hudson
The Velvet Vampire – (1971) – Lee Ritter
There Was a Crooked Man – (1970) – Coy Cavendish
Beyond the Valley of the Dolls – (1970) – Lance Rocke
Catalina Caper – (1967) – Choreography
40 Guns to Apache Pass – (1967) – Mike
A Swingin’ Summer – (1965) – Choreography


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