Brookside Avenue is a very old street.  An 1888 map shows it starting at Excelsior Blvd, traveling straight south.  It veers east at Minnehaha Creek, ending at 44th Street in Edina.  The map does not show any bridges over the creek.



The photo below is a colorized copy of what purports to be Brookside Ave.  The source is unknown, and so are the age and stretch of this long, old road.






The following are addresses of buildings on Brookside Ave. for which we have some historical information. The dates come from phone directories, newspaper articles and ads, and a number of other sources. The chronologies are by no means complete, and we invite you to contact us with any corrections, additions, or other comments.


4046, 4050, and 4054 Brookside are all covered here:  Brookside (Al’s) Barbershop

4090 Brookside: Upland View

4211 Brookside:  The Jackley House

4241 Brookside: Brookside Church/St. Dunstan’s
4348 Brookside: Thompson’s Store/Brookside Antique’s
4349 Brookside:  The Crosbie House