This subdivision, technically “Thorpe Bros. Cedar Lake Heights,” was platted on October 13, 1911. It encompasses the 2600 blocks of Glenhurst through Natchez Avenues, with several of its 163 homes overlooking Cedar Lake. An early brochure indicates that there was some speculation involved in buying a lot. It speaks of plans to divert Bassett’s Creek into Cedar Lake, widening its channel sufficiently for boating. “Act now or you’ll regret it!” it seemed to say, comparing the homesites to those on Lake Calhoun and other City lakes.

The subdivision was restricted – by that it meant that it was restricted to single family homes that cost at least $1,200. The 40 ft. lots were priced from $350 to $550. It doesn’t appear that there was much construction of houses until the late 1930’s, however, and often homes were built on a lot and a half.