We normally think of St. Louis Park as the destination of the Jewish community after World War II, but the Census shows that there have been some early Jewish residents.  The Census does not give a person’s religion, so the following is based on an assumption based on the family’s name, language spoken, and country of origin.  Click on the name to learn more about these families (nothing more is known about Lazarus).
LOUIS BERKOWITZ was a store owner who moved to the Park from Hopkins.

MAURICE AND DORA SILVERMAN:  Dora was Louis Berkowitz’s daughter who married Maurice Silverman and lived close to her parents.

MOSES DWORSKY was also an early store owner.

MORRIS AND SOPHIE TUNICK were dairy farmers.

MAX LAZARUS:  The Census says that Max Lazarus came to the US from Romania in 1907.  He lived on Cambridge Street and was a dairy farmer in 1920.