These are two concrete duplexes built in 1951.  They may have replaced a previous building; in March 1950 there is an ad in the Echo for Nordeen’s Park [Photography] Studio at 4117 Excelsior Blvd.


Building permits were requested in 1947 by Wesley V. Buck.  They started out to be residential, and there were many requests in the 1950s to rezone them from residential to commercial.  In 1958 Michael Coscio, Sr., made such a request for both buildings.  It appears that they were a mix of both for some years.  In 2013 they are both listed as residential, owned by Sinta Investments LLC.


One famous resident of one of the units was Lynn Dwyer, a/k/a Roundhouse Rodney, who lived there briefly when he and his family first came to the area.




1959:  Charles B. Humphrey Construction (4115)

June 1963-October 29, 1964:  Mrs. Kay:  “Indian Spiritualist Reader”

1964:  Three people with different last names listed at 4115

1965:  Dorothy Henry Dance Studio (4113)




1961-64:  Dorothy Henry Dance Studio (4119)

1966-1973:  Mrs. Liiste’s Day Nursery, Marie and Leo Liiste  (4119)

1974-1978:  Mrs. Liiste’s Montessori School.  (4119)

Halloween at Mrs. Liiste’s, early 1970s.  Photo courtesy Al Hartman