This was a Phillips 66 Station from 1950 to 1974:

1950-51: Miracle “66” Service

1952: Dick’s “66” Service – Dick Hertzenberg.  Grand Opening June 13-16, 1952 – win a barrel of gas!



1954-59: (Adolph) Quade’s “66” Service

1959: Nathan’s “66” Service

1959-62: C&R “66” Service. Opened under new management October 1, 1959, Charlie Zimmerman and Roger Nordine. Advertised as the busiest corner on Miracle Mile without a signal light. June 30, 1960:  Gift House Stamps, Free Coffee Every Day.  1961:  AAA 24 hour service.



1965-69: Wiggins Miracle “66” Service



In 1974 the gas station was abandoned and became Pop Unlimited.  A May 1974 ad cited 15 flavors at $1.95/case plus deposit.
In 1975 Larry Williams ran the National Dyno Tune Up Center.
In 1976 it was vacant.
In 1977 it was the Spirits of St. Louis Wine Shop run by Ronald Hechter.
In 1983 Hechter sold the building to Perkins. It was at that time that Perkins had to dig up gas tanks.
In 1991 the current building was built and became Midas Auto Service.