This building was built in 1954 as a Chicken Delight (“Don’t Cook Tonight, Call Chicken Delight”).  It was there until at least January 1960.  In addition to chicken it served ribs, shrimp, and pizza.

There was another Chicken Delight on Minnetonka Blvd.  It’s unclear whether it moved or they were two different franchises.

From 1962 to 1963 it was known as Cocka-Doodle Do, home of Broasted chicken to go.

In 1964 it changed menus and became Boulevard Pizza, run by Jerry and Alice Rochat.

In 1971, it was owned by father and son Frank and Gary Diamond of Diamond Publishing. The Diamonds rebuilt the store (“replace an ugly eyesore”) in 1971 and added a second floor in 1978.

It functioned as an office building until it was demolished to make way for Excelsior and Grand.  Below is a picture from 2000.