This was the home of the St. Louis Park Greenhouse, owned by Wallace Plantikow. It was one of several nurseries along Excelsior Blvd. There is some evidence that it was there in 1927, but in 1968 they advertised as having “over 30 years experience,” which would only date it to the 1930s.

In 1945 a new building was built, and Plantikow stayed in business until 1972.  SLP Florist was in business as of 1980. Jim Jennings bought the building in May 1982 (for $109,957), and leased it out. Some of the tenants were:

1983 to 87: D. Morgan Flower Shop


Josephine’s Tailor Shop

1993 to 2004: Cynthia Rae (for the well rounded woman)/Flower Fair

Summer 2004 – : Smirk Photo