The building at 4811-15 Excelsior Blvd. was built in 1951 on the land owned by greenhouse owner Leslie Santos.

4811 Tenants include:

1951-52: Dine – Eez Breakfast Nook Company.  In 1950 the company was located at 1104 E. Lake Street in Minneapolis.  It opened in St. Louis Park in May 1951.

1959-60: Sid Nolan Hair Stylists

1960: Park Hair Stylists, featuring exclusively male stylists. Mr. Lawrence. Mother and daughter permanent wave special, March 1960

1960: Patti “J” Hairstylists, in June

1964: Jesuit Mission Service


1966: Gold Hare Men’s Styling Salon – later also women’s.  Owned by John Taylor.




1969: La Querida Ltd. Boutique: “body jewelry, suede department, wild wild earrings, mod scarves, all at prices to suit you swingers”

Latitudes Map and Travel Store

4813 Tenants include:
1951-56: Boulevard Furniture

1964-66: Fine-R-Furniture
1968:  Brochins Book Shop

Arrow Appliance Minnesota Rehab

4815 Tenants include:

1951-61: C&C Realty.  Both ads below are from the 1952 directory.



1953:  John Schold & Sons, Inc.  In 1954 Schold bought the Rutherford Building at 5005 Excelsior Blvd. and moved it to 6111 Excelsior Blvd.


1956: Anderson, Ralph Sigred & Assoc.


1959: Econ-o-Wash Laundry. Dave Williams, Kermit Quaintance, and Arnold Alger, owners. Meant to be the first in a chain, it was advertised as having a spacious, comfortable lounge with 30 washers and 10 dryers (always open). 100% “petal soft” water was promised. Their grand opening was held on April 17 and 18, 1959.  A 1962 ad for Excel Coin-Op (inside Econ-O-Wash) used quality Westinghouse Drycleaning machines.


The St. Louis Park Optomist Club met in this building as well


2002 Photo by Emory Anderson