This was a Sinclair gas station, built in 1952 by Mark Z. Jones, for $10,000. Jones remained owner throughout. It was located at the SE corner of Excelsior and Webster.

In December 1952 it was Davison Service, run by Theodore Davison, dealer in Sinclair and Goodyear Products.

On May 7, 1953, it became Morrie’s Super Service, still a Sinclair station. A grand opening was held May 8-9, featuring free orchids for the ladies and an unspecified “gift” for men and children. Pepsi for all. A power mower was the grand prize. For a full page ad, featuring a picture of Morrie, see the Dispatch of May 7, 1953.
In 1953 it became O’Connor’s Sinclair Service, Arlo O’Connor, operator. O’Connor, a Park resident since 1946, gained his knowledge of cars while serving for five years in the Army ordinance department. “Fast Courteous Automobile Service” said the 1954 Echowan ad.
Sletta’s Service – Fall 1954

From 1955 to 1960 it was Donald P. Farrell’s Sinclair Service.

In 1960 it became Bill Harding’s Sinclair Service (featuring a new TV?) The station boasted a Type Engine Analyzer – Heyer Dynavision.  It was still Harding’s Sinclair Service in June 1961.

In 1962 it was Sanders’ Sinclair Service.
The station was removed in 1966 to accommodate the expansion of Highway 100.