In 1946 there apparently was a building on the southern 50 ft. of this property (at Excelsior and Yosemite), as permission was sought to move a building from Westmoreland Park (facing 36th St., around the Rec Center) to the Excelsior Blvd. site. But indications are that in 1949 the land was vacant. That year it was transferred to the State, then to the Village, then to American Legion for $1500.

There were a couple of false starts: in 1956, Warren A. Ortenblad requested a permit to the American Provision Co. to process meat and chickens. This was denied. Then in 1959, the American Legion requested permit to build drive-in restaurant, but was denied.

Finally in 1963, the gas station was built by the American Legion. It was known for many years, until at least 1980, as the Steady Mobil Service Station, operated by Millard and Don M. Steady. The station may have been rebuilt in 1982.

We jump to 1993, where there are two possibilities: Murphy’s Service Center and/or W. Gordon Smith Mobil. Around this time there may have been a tank leak.

In 1994, the station was decommissioned, and William Criego opened Batteries Plus on May 2, 1994.

This property was associated with 4011 Yosemite, which in 1930 was owned by Esther J.O. Sjoberg. This is no longer an address.