The following is from the City’s website:


Excelsior & Grand is St. Louis Park’s premier redevelopment project located on the 15-acre Park Commons redevelopment site along Excelsior Boulevard between Monterey Drive and Quentin Avenue. Centered along a 600 ft. town green that connects Excelsior Boulevard to the neighboring 30-acre Wolfe Park, the $160 million project is revitalizing Excelsior Boulevard and creating a community “focal point” or downtown for St. Louis Park.

Parking ramps under buildings help ensure a pedestrian-friendly area that isn’t dominated by cars and parking lots. The development has been named “Best Multifamily Project” in the City Business “Best in Real Estate” awards program.

A ribbon cutting ceremony was held on June 21, 2002.

Excelsior & Grand Phase 1 Opening. 2002 photo by Emory Anderson.




Occupancy of the third phase of the Excelsior & Grand Project began in April 2006. This phase is a single, five-story, mixed-use building located at the northwest corner of Excelsior Boulevard and Monterey Drive. It contains over 14,000-square-foot Trader Joe’s grocery store, with four floors of condominiums above, for a total of 86 residential units.

The fourth and final phase is at the northwest corner of Park Commons Drive and Grand Way. The redeveloper, TOLD Development, has constructed a five-story mixed-use building on the site. It includes 96 condominium units and 5,100 square feet of ground floor retail space. The building was completed in 2007.


Town Green


Entrance to Wolfe Park and the Veterans’ Memorial Amphitheater



The Connor Group purchased the property in March 2016.





The gold statue of a floating nude woman, called the Allegory of Excelsior, was created by sculptor Andrea Myklebust.  Wendy M. Gherity was the model for this $175,000 installation; Myklebust decided that clothing would date the piece.  The piece was installed on June 19, 2002.


Photo by Emory Anderson