The following is an alphabetical list of the Garden Clubs in St. Louis Park, along with the approximate dates that they were active. We invite you to contact us with any additional information or corrections.

The Brookside Garden Club was organized in October 1937 by Mrs. J.P. von Lorenz, who became the first president. Ann Thompson was the first Secretary/Treasurer, and there were 13 original members. “The object of the club is to develop an interest in gardens in Brookside.” An elm tree was presented to the Brookside School on Arbor Day, 1939.

The Browndale Garden Club was organized in 1940.

Cedar Crest Garden Club, 1956-58

Crestview Garden Club, 1956-58

La Petite Garden Club was organized in February 1954. This club may have been named for the La Petite Ferme subdivision, located between 16th and 18th, Louisiana and Pennsylvania.

Lake View Garden Club – 1958-1971

Les Fleurs Garden Club – 1957-1971

The Lilac Garden Club was organized on January 22, 1941, and membership apparently centered around the Brookside School area, on both sides of the highway. Meetings featured demonstrations and instruction, plus lectures from experts. In 1961, the President was Mrs. Arlyn Holt of 4170 Xenwood.

Minikahda Vista Garden Club met at Rutherford’s in 1953.

Manor Heights Garden Club was started as a result of a 1940 letter from the extension division of the University of Minnesota, which suggested organizing neighborhood women into groups for study under the county agent. The club was organized in November 1940 through the efforts of Mrs. Myrthel Harrison. In addition to gardening, members learned to make slip covers and refinish furniture.

Park Knoll Garden Club was organized by Muriel Martin in October 1953. The group was instrumental in having the lilac adopted as the official shrub of St. Louis Park in June 1958.

Westwood Garden Club  This club started in 1955 and is still going.  The SLP Historical Society has custody of the club’s early records and pictures.

Women’s Club Garden Club – 1955-58


The Affiliated Garden Clubs of St. Louis Park started in 1951. Dues was 50 cents from each member of each affiliated club. The group’s first flower show was in 1951, the second in 1952 at the Legion Hall, and the third at Aldersgate Church. In 1955 it was at Aldersgate Church.

Then there was the Federated Garden Clubs of Minnesota, which met in September 1958 at the Curtis Hotel. There was also the National Federation of Garden Clubs of America.

The Park Knoll Garden Club was instrumental in having the lilac – specifically the French hybrid lilac – adopted as the official shrub by the City Council of St. Louis Park in June 1958. That particular breed of lilac was preferred because it does not spread and comes in a variety of color combinations of purple, red, and white. It grows to a height of 25 feet and is ideal for boulevards. The Chamber of Commerce donated $100 to the City for the planting of lilacs in August 1958.

In 1966 the clubs helped to maintain the new municipal rose gardens at City Hall.

In May 1967, the St. Louis Park city flower was determined to be the Amaranthus, a foliage plant. Packets of six (seedlings?) were distributed to school children and made available at supermarkets.